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English Español Argentina: SIFER GAS to franchise LPG filling stations

Starting in August 2020, SIFER GAS will be mainly targeting non-branded service stations.

Last update:

SIFER GAS will begin to franchise refueling stations for liquefied natural gas (LPG) in Argentina from August this year, according to

The target market will be non-branded service stations, although the company is also open to any fuel station operator, clarified SIFER GAS owner Raul Persoaglia.

"The franchises will be granted to service stations that are already operating and want to incorporate the sale of LPG," said Persoaglia.

SIFER GAS will study multiple characteristics of the service stations interested in offering LPG, such as location or potential number of fuel dispatches in the area.

SIFER GAS will soon announce more details about the launch of the LPG franchise scheme in Argentina.

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