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Nigeria to build 109 ‘mega’ gas stations

In a bold move to improve fuel distribution, the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has announced plans to open 109 ‘mega gas stations’ across the country.

Last update:

The state-owned corporation has started nationwide consultation with stakeholders as it plans to expand its fuel retailing network by building one mega station in every Nigerian senatorial district (109), reported The Nation.

The first three of these gas stations will take up 5,000 square meters each and include six pumps, one of them for liquefied natural gas (LNG), according to Dr. Babatunde Victor Adeniran, NNPC Group Executive Director of Commercial and Investment.

The announcement was made during the first consultations at the Kaduna and Kano states. 

With the new opening, the NNPC seeks to increase its 12% market share in the fuel retailing business and to mitigate the ongoing fuel scarcity that thousands of Nigerians suffer.

The Corporation currently has 37 mega-stations, 12 floating stations and 265 affiliate stations across the country. The NNPC divides gas stations into four categories depending on size and type: super mega stations, mega stations, standard, and floating stations. 

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