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Botswana: Petrotec enters new market

The Petrotec Group will be expanding their business to Botswana this year after their first two operations there in 2015.

Last update:

The two projects that introduced them to the new market were the renovation works of an air force base and the renovation of the Gabarone filling station of Botswana Power Corporation.

Both were carried out by Petroassist Southern Africa (a group’s subsidiary in South Africa), in partnership with the Group’s local representative, AIP Botswana.

The first project consisted of analysing the compliance with the international JIG requirements of a local Air Force Base, following the implementation of refurbishment works.

The second, carried out at the end of November, consisted in the replacement of two fuel bombs for Petrotec Euro 1000 Pumps and the general review of the mechanical and electrical installations.

Petrotec enters 2016 with operations in 82 countries worldwide, covered by Petrotec products and services.

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