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ASIS Automation and Fueling Systems A.S.

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ASIS Automation and Fueling Systems A.S.

Foundations of ASIS were laid in 1990. This is the date when Robosis Computer and Electronics Services Ltd began to conduct researches and to develop software for the fuel oil industry. Robosis converted its 10 years of experience gained through its founders and professional staff into ASIS Automation and Fueling Systems A.S. that was founded in 2000.

ASIS develops automation systems for petroleum market from A to Z. The company develop and manufacture software and hardware related to our solutions through R&D operations and with its own resources. We are the only domestic manufacturer of automation and customer identification systems, and the only Turkish company that develops turnkey solutions in the field, with the special projects we have completed and the experience and successes we have achieved.

ASIS Automation and Fueling Systems A.S. provides services to all oil companies, and public and private organizations, meeting the Turkish and international standards with its customer-oriented innovation mindset.

ASIS systems are being used in more than 8.000 filling stations and 2.500 facilities which can be listed as;

  • Oil companies,
  • Military,
  • Police departments,
  • Fire departments,
  • Municipalities,
  • Universities,
  • Airports,
  • Private sectors.

ASIS has automation projects with 23 oil companies in which OMV Petrol Ofisi can be mentioned which is the biggest Oil distribution company in Turkey.

ASIS has also managing projects with 14 distributors covering 57 countries all over the world.

Continuing its successful operations in the fields of service station automation systems, mobile automation systems, vehicle identification systems, central management systems, and the 3D CalibeX Laser Calibration Technology, the world patent of which belongs to ASIS, an d the technological services, ASIS offers swift and practical solutions fully meeting the Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) of Turkey in the fuel oil industry in our country. Having expanded its vision with its achievements in Turkey, ASIS continues to strengthen its sales and service network in the international market.

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