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Secu-Tech solutions for safe and efficient fuel distribution

Security and Electronic Technologies GmbH (SECU-TECH) / Austria is a world-wide and well-known supplier of equipment and solutions for safe and efficient fuel distribution specialised in overfill-prevention, cross-fill-prevention systems for depots, tanker-trucks and petrol-stations as well as theft control systems (Truck-Control, Sealed Parcel Delivery, Tracking) for fuel transport from depot to petrol-stations over the complete logistic chain of mineral-oil companies.

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The product which is transported from the depot to the petrol-station is in the ownership of the mineral-oil company. From this point of view and from safety point as well as environmental point of view it is highly important to ensure safe transport and correct and efficient loading and unloading of the tanker-truck to the petrol-station. The product quality which is filled into the different compartments of the tanker-truck need to be 100% delivered to the petrol-station and everybody knows  that a lot of unexpected things can happen on transport ways (product loss, density change,...).

Very important for a safe loading and unloading is the overfill-prevention and the cross-fill-prevention on loading tankers into the compartments (where a first contamination can take place) and unloading to the petrol-station. Exactly for making these procedures 100% safe and efficient Secu-Tech can offer customized, fully-automated solutions.

For unloading to the petrol-stations, the overfill-prevention is already integrated in the SECU MultiTank system. This saves equipment and installation costs on the tanker-truck side.

Petrol-station sided SECU-TECH offers diverse solutions according to EN14116 and EN13616 and supports the standardized cable-controlled overfill prevention systems (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) as well as wireless solutions like the O2-PID according to EN14116 and EN13616.

Regarding Cross-Fill-Prevention SECU-TECH offers full-automated solutions. The SECU MultiPID with ModBus usable on loading-arms offers direct communication with the terminal control system to (re)program the different product-codes „on the fly“, also simple (re)programmable SECU SinglePIDs or even different kinds of (re)programmable SECU MultiPIDs are offered.

At the petrol-station nowadays there can be chosen between (re)programmable SECU SinglePIDs, SECU MultiPIDs for 3,6 or 12 channels or the newest product on the market, the SECU O2-PID which is an electronic overfill prevention according to EN13616 with a cross-fill-prevention according to EN14116 in 1 system which offers a lot of equipment- and installation-cost savings on petrol-stations. The O2-PID product informations go, like the normal PID-informations, through the conductive product hose, so no cable connection between tanker-truck and petrol-station for overfill-prevention is required anymore. This makes unloadings a lot more efficient and quicker.

The different systems on petrol-stations can be used according to customer and local requirements.

SECU-TECH has also thought to the tank-truck builders and their service-garages and have created a

free-of charge tanker-truck configuration programme, which enables them a simple truck configuration for all SECU MultiTank components to get out an electric circuit diagram for easy installation and service purposes.


As mentioned above, the SECU O2-PID is a brand new technology from SECU-TECH which is already well-accepted by a lot of mineraloil companies. The saving is clear on equipment and installation side. The handling of unloading the tanker-truck to the petrol-station is much easier and quicker as before.

The SECU O2-PID enables to bring the overfill-information as well as the cross-fill-information via the conductive hose to the tanker-truck electronic. Error-prone cablings for overfill-prevention are not needed anymore. As this product was developed and produced according to the valid standards, all tanker-truck electronics which are also according to the standard can understand and evaluate these informations.


Theft Control (SPD) is a further very important factor which is implemented into the SECU MultiTank system for the tanker-truck. The heart of a theft control system is a fail-safe and fail-proof saving of events in a log-file as well as immediate warnings which are registered and sent, if failures or unauthorized intervention from outside into the logistic operation are recognized.

The saved events can be received by the mineral-oil-company or hauliers via a special web-interface. Tanker-trucks can be tracked in real-time and location.

As the amount of data which have to be progressed is huge a graphical displaying is very important for our customers. SECU-TECH offers in it’s tracking and tracing solutions for tanker-trucks very good understandable graphical report variants, which enables easy tracking. These data can either be available at our customer’s servers or at SECU-TECH servers, as per customer specifications.

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