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English Español Petrogress partners with Deliman Oil to expand fuel business in West Africa

Partnership with Deliman Oil Company Limited expands operations into Ghana and northern neighbour countries.

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Petrogress Int’l has entered into a partnership with Deliman Oil Company Limited, a Ghanaian corporation, to jointly form and co-operate a gas station network and associated storage and distribution operations.

The Ghanaian corporation will be known as PG&D Fueling, operating and managing gas stations in Ghana, Burkina Faso and Niger.

PG&D is expected to initially operate and manage sixty-five gas stations presently owned by Deliman in Ghana and Burkina Faso.

The petrochemical products to be distributed through PG&D gas stations will be supplied by PIL affiliate company Petrogres Co. Limited, through its partnership with Platon Oil Refinery in Ghana. In addition to the distribution of petrochemical, PG&D will manage the blending of engine oil and other petroleum products under its brand name.

“Our new business opportunities show our intention and efforts to establish Petrogress as a strong integrated oil company by providing upstream, midstream, downstream services and now participating directly in the retailing of our products,” said Petrogress Chief Executive Officer, Christos P. Traios.

Deliman is the current owner and operator of sixty-five gas stations located in Ghana and Burkina Faso as well as fifty oil trucks.

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