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English Español Two Aral stations in Berlin pilot battery-swapping services

In partnership with GreenPack, the German fuel retailer has launched a new service at its stations.

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Customers driving through Berlin will see a new service at some Aral stations – green sharing points with freshly charged batteries to pick up.

Germany’s largest filling station operator has launched a pilot program with GreenPack and ECargobikes to test a new way of servicing EV users. Instead of providing public charging infrastructure, they will provide “fresh batteries” that users can interchange.

"Aral wants to remain a leading mobility provider in Germany in the future. In order to better understand the new trends, we are consciously entering into partnerships with new mobility providers such as GreenPack," said Tobias Wolny, who accompanied the project on behalf of Aral.

Battery charging stations slash the downtime of charging vehicles and avoids queues forming at the site that can also disrupt the usual flow of nearby gasoline and diesel dispensers.  

"Conventional filling stations urgently need electrical services. Aral's two pilot sites are a good example of an energy hub of the future that can optimally serve tomorrow's mobility mix," said Tobias Breyer, operational manager at GreenPack.

The initiative fits into Aral's search for what new services gas stations can offer to stay relevant in a mode urban area. Last year, the retailer unveiled its own concept of the forecourt of the future

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