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Leighton O’Brien to launch expanded services at NACS/PEI show 2019

Leighton O’Brien, a leading global fuel analytics technology provider, will be launching its expanded suite of wetstock software and onsite solutions for proactive risk and asset management at NACS/PEI show 2019 – booth #5203.

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Leighton O’Brien CEO Reed Leighton said petroleum retailers are increasingly focused on big data analytics that optimise and enhance operations to reduce fuel losses and maintenance spend, improve equipment accuracy and pump and ATG uptime.

“We’re excited to showcase our new solutions at NACS/PEI show,” he said. “We now have more than 20,000 sites under contract for our wetstock software suite. The market – including acquisitive retail networks – are seeing huge value in our big data approach that provides actionable insights into managing their fuel assets and operations.

“The extensive analytics built into our software analyses live data from thousands of sites, removes the ‘noise’ to best detect and reduce real fuel losses, control spend, improve margins and make smarter capital decisions.”

Enhanced software suite

The company will be showcasing its ATG response management reporting tool and new VMI forecasting software.

“Fuel managers can use smart filters to monitor live ATG alarms 24x7 and avoid chasing false ATG alarms - which have a false alarm rate of 90 per cent and can hide real issues in a tank system.

“Our smart water alarms are a classic example of our big data approach.

“Our alarm management solution helps leverage a retailer’s existing ATG investment and manage multiple brands of ATGs in a more cost effective, secure and reliable way without adding onsite equipment,” he said.

Mr Leighton said its new demand forecasting tool helps to unlock value across the entire suppy chain.

“Forecasting provides real-time, independent visibility into delivery schedules, ensuring the right amount of fuel is replenished at the right time,” Mr Leighton said. “It’s an early warning system of disruptions and other unanticipated events so fuel managers can take corrective action before a problem occurs.”

New installation integrity testing

Leighton O’Brien will also be demonstrating its EPA-certified integrity test which can detect ullage leaks equivalent to 0.025 gph, making it 400 per cent more accurate than traditional leak detection thresholds.

“This new test is not designed for the compliance market but rather new installations,” Mr Leighton said. “Our data indicates tighter tank systems have lower maintenance cost caused by water ingress, filter changes, biological activity and tank corrosion.

“Our Pre Bury Post Bury test is listed on the NWGLDE as one of the most accurate technologies globally for the dry part of the tank, product lines and interstice – which ensures the tightest storage system from day one and prolongs the lifespan of the asset while reducing asset lifecycle cost.”

Fuel restoration & cleaning

Leighton O’Brien’s market-leading fuel restoration and cleaning (FRC) solution will also be on show.

“We’ll be demonstrating our patented process that allows for fuel sales during 80 per cent of the cleaning process, produces the least amount of waste per clean and does not agitate particulates, sediment or bacteria into the liquid space.

“We remove on average 50 to 60 gallons of pure waste compared to 500 to 600 gallons of contaminated fuel by other providers. We always recommend a before-and-after ATG reading after every clean.

“And we are the only company with a patented holding tank – meaning we return 100 per cent of fuel to the tank after cleaning.

“Others may claim to be but Leighton O’Brien has the largest, truly national fuel cleaning network in the USA coast to coast,” Mr Leighton said. “We’re launching a new partner program and look forward to engaging with prospective companies about our new distributor programs for testing and cleaning.”

Visit Leighton O’Brien at booth #5203 at NACS/PEI show on 2-4 October 2019 at Georgia World Congress Centre.

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