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New LT accessories for ZVA nozzle, swivel and safety swivel breaks by Elaflex

In regions with exceptionally cold winter conditions, refuelling equipment for petrol filling stations are subjected to higher requirements. For these Elaflex supplies Low Temperature Types ( LT ) for the well-known ZVA nozzles. The specially developed LT components are rated for use at ambient temperatures down to -55° C and media temperatures down to -40° C.

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Since November 2019, LT accessories for ZVA 25 nozzles are now also equipped with seals of red coloured Polyurethane LT compound:

  • Swivel EA 375 LT or EA 375 AF LT
  • Safety Swivel Break SSB 25 LT

The LT compound ensures excellent sealing performance under all conditions and is suitable for diesel and gasoline, standard or advanced fuels.

As existing ZVA nozzles, swivels and safety breaks can be retrofitted, these LT spare parts are also newly available:

  • Lip seal ED 077 PU LT
    for EA 075 ERS LT and SSB 16 ERS LT
  • Lip seals ED 179 PU LT
    for EA 375 LT, EA 375 AF LT and SSB 25 LT

All technical information: Download Elaflex Information 4.14 E

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