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English Español BP-AKR Fuels Retail to open 30 petrol stations a year

The new Indonesian fuel retailer will open two new sites in January.

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The joint venture formed by BP and PT AKR Corporindo in Indonesia plans to build 30 new petrol stations per year to have a total of 350 in ten years, reports The Jakarta Post.

Operating under the name BP-AKR Fuels Retail or PT Aneka Petroindo Raya, the joint venture will open two new sites this month and another in West Java in March.

The company currently owns 13 fuel stations in Greater Jakarta and Surabaya distributing up to 15 million litres of fuel in 2019.

“The middle class of Indonesia is the biggest area of growth as it is set to double between now and 2030. We are aiming for 350 fuel stations over the next 10 years,” said president director Peter Molloy in an exclusive interview with The Jakarta Post in December.

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