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English Español GS Caltex sees huge surge in contact-free fuelling app

South Korea gas station chain allows its customers to fuel up at its 330 sites while remaining in the safety of their car.

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South Korean oil company and retailer GS Caltex has seen a 1,000% increase in the monthly use of its contact-free app for fuelling and paying in March compared to December.

Drivers used GS Caltex’s OWiN app far more in the 330 retail sites the company has in South Korea in the last two months due to social distancing rules.

The OWiN app allows users to drive up to a station to fuel-up and pay without even putting their window down. They choose their fuel and quantity in advance.

“With OWiN app, customers can select which GS Caltex gas station they would like to visit and choose the fuel type and amount in advance. Customers don’t even have to lower their car windows as employees can conduct charging services with the information they have already given,” a GS Caltex official said as reported by The Korea Herald.

GS Caltex has been offering 3,000 won gas coupons to up to 50,000 new OWiN users from April 27 to May 31 to further promote the use of the app.

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