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English Español Bolivian drivers now have two new lubricants in the market

Bolivian state-owned oil company YPFB and Shell have separately launched two new lubricants for the downstream market in Bolivia, according to Los Tiempos.

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In both cases, the new lubricants are characterized by lower levels of pollution and higher vehicle performance.

YPFB’s ExtremG12 is a multi-grade motor oil made from highly refined lubricants. It provides excellent lubrication at all temperatures, and can be used in gasoline, natural gas and ethanol engines. It also allows an optimum engine start from cold, protecting all the components of the vehicle, according to data from YPFB.

On the other hand, Shell’s distributor in Bolivia, Imcruz, has launched Shell Helix Ultra, a lubricant made from processed natural gas which produces lower levels of pollution. The new engine oil is a 100 per cent synthetic, producing improved engine performance at all temperatures, according to Daniela Durán, Marketing Director of Aftermarket, Imcruz.

Mr. Durán also pointed to Bolivia as one of the most attractive markets for lubricants. Shell and Imcruz have been working together since 2006 in the South American country.

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