Carrefour opens biomethane station

French retailer Carrefour, in partnership with industrial gas firm Air Liquide, has opened its first biomethane service station in Servon, Ile-de-France.

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Author: PetrolPlaza Correspondent Daniel Infante Tuaño

The station, designed and installed by Air Liquide, can fuel 80 trucks a day.

Like other Air Liquide stations, it supplies compressed and liquefied bio natural gas for transport vehicles (bio-NGV), as well as the Air Liquide’s liquid nitrogen solution blueeze™ for trucks equipped with a cryogenic refrigerating unit, instead of diesel, states a company release.

Carrefour plans to roll out 8 service stations more by the end of 2017 so it can also expand its fleet of delivery trucks running on biomethane.

Biofuel-powered trucks emit 75% less carbon dioxide and 50% less noise.

"Biomethane is part of the circular economy model: some of the biowaste collected from stores can be recycled at local level. By making use of a product that cannot be moved to another location, Carrefour is using an energy that helps create jobs in France and is lending its support to the agricultural sector," said Carrefour in a company release.

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