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English Español Repsol and Enagás will develop technology to produce renewable hydrogen

Both companies will incorporate it into their respective businesses to reach their sustainability goals.

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Repsol and Enagás have signed an agreement to continue developing technology that allows for the production of renewable hydrogen. This technology, which was originally developed by Repsol, will help both improve sustainability and efficiency.

This is the first time that Repsol has formed a technological partnership that integrates a partner into the company’s value chain. In collaboration with Enagás, it will accelerate the deployment of a process whose initial phase was developed at the Repsol Technology Center.

With this agreement, both companies will further the development of hydrogen production using solar energy as a primary source. This will reduce its carbon footprint by more than 90% compared with other conventional processes for obtaining this gas, according to a press release.

In the medium term, Repsol will be able to use the renewable hydrogen obtained through this new method in its refining processes, in order to produce cleaner fuels and reduce the presence of sulfur, as well as in its chemicals business, as part of conventional processes such as rubber hydrogenation.

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