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Efficiency at the filling station: new self-service technology by Kärcher

Kärcher presents its high-performance novelties at UNITI expo 2018 in Stuttgart. One of these novelties is the SB MC 2 - a new, particularly compactly-built self-service system for high-pressure vehicle washing. Its special advantage are the many possibilities for a needs-oriented configuration. Whether as hot or cold water device, with one or two washing bays – operators receive a model that only takes up limited space and can be equipped individually. The hose guide was designed to avoid contact with the ground and therefore unnecessary contamination wherever possible.

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The SB MB basic model is another innovation in self-service cleaning. The basic model system enables an economically-attractive entry to self-service washing systems. Its capacity is designed for up to four washing bays. It can be set-up and connected rapidly, as the entire technology is pre-installed in a cabinet. The compact construction enables operation even in restricted spaces.

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