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New Klean!Star vehicle wash system from Kärcher

Clear view of costs and functionality.

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Modern vehicles are becoming wider and taller. Kärcher designed its new Klean!Star gantry vehicle wash system specifically to meet these requirements. Properties such as different high pressure options, the contour detection of the side brushes, the powerful wheel wash, as well as a dryer with high air volume that follows the contour of the vehicle, ensure satisfied customers. This means that mineral oil companies, service stations and car dealerships receive a package that includes the essential functions and keeps the costs arising throughout the product cycle within a limit.

With the Klean!Star gantry vehicle wash system from the CWB 3 line, Kärcher concentrates equally on functionality and cost awareness. Designed to meet current requirements, there is greater width at mirror and wheel level as well as a selection of three different wash heights. K!Adjust gradually raises the roof brush. Those who want to reduce operating costs and protect the environment can also save water: The system is able to supply the brushes with reclaim water in the second wash run and only perform the rinsing process with fresh water.

Different options are available when it comes to high pressure. The standard high-pressure unit for the wheel wash can be retrofitted with an option which also cleans the upper parts of the vehicle via a high-pressure tube at the side. On top of this there are two variants for the roof cleaning, one with fixed nozzles and one with 30° adjustable nozzles, as well as an option for the underbody wash. Different high-pressure pumps are available for all versions so that different pressure levels and water volumes can be selected.

In order to better detect the contour in the upper area of the vehicle, the Klean!Star sets the side brushes at an angle of up to 15° diagonal to the vehicle. The side brushes are vertically aligned in reverse mode in order to also target dirt in the sill area. The linear scissors wheel washer protects the rims during cleaning. The 30° adjustable roof drier follows the contour of the vehicle and leads to fast and efficient drying in the front and rear area.

The Klean!Star vehicle wash system concept is complemented by the Klear!Line cleaning agent line. With the ultra-high concentrates good results can be achieved in a cost-saving manner with optimised time spent. Klear!Brush and Klear!Foam support the drying process, Klear!Dry makes possible a good drying result. Klear!Glow creates a high shine as well as long-lasting preservation with drip-off effect.

In terms of exterior design the Kärcher standard design as well as four different colours are available for the entire system. Two versions are available for the design of the front doors. Standardised transport is possible thanks to a new assembly and transport concept, which complies with the high safety requirements of mineral oil companies. The vehicle wash system is also delivered fully assembled so that installation on-site is completed in just a few days.

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