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Asis Automation welcomes global partners at Asis TechDays2019 event

Within the framework of TechDays2019 concept, Asis Automation hosted over twenty business partners from America, Europe, Middle East, Far East and Africa in Istanbul for two days and introduced new products and technologies. Asis Automation also held meetings to increase the quality of services they provide.

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The event started out at Mekser, a dispenser manufacturer with 50 years of experience at its disposal. Emir Ali Kaya, VP of Mekser, provided information about different pump models and the dispenser production process.

The group then moved to Asis Automation R&D Center to see latest technologies for fuel industry and explored products developed within the field of AI and robotics. Asis R&D employees were very busy answering various questions about these innovations.

TechDays2019, organized by Burak Kalkan, International Sales Manager, continued with the meetings session. Yusuf Kaya, Asis Automation General Manager, gave a speech about the future of the fuel industry and future technologies such as AI, IoT and Industry 4.0.

Artun Tanriyasukur, Asis Automation Sales and Marketing Manager, held a detailed presentation about Asis’ wide range of products. At the end of the presentation there was a Q&A session to help the attendees gain an even better understanding of each product.

Asis TechDays2019 provided insightful content to its attendees for two days. The third and last day of the event was dedicated to a tour in Istanbul. During the tour, the group visited several historical sights of Istanbul, explored the Turkish culture and tried a selection of Turkish dishes. Asis Automation global business partners were highly impressed by the rich culture and history of Turkey and left Istanbul very satisfied.

Burak Kalkan, International Sales Manager: “We were very pleased to host our business partners. The best way to demonstrate the capabilities of our company was to visit us at our workplaces where our products were created. This was a good added value for our company. I believe we did our best in showing Istanbul, Turkish culture and our hospitality. I'm sure that our partners now have a better grasp of our company's capabilities. I can tell that their trust has increased exponentially and our business partnership has become more special. I would like to thank all my friends who contributed to this special organization, especially our management”.

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